Being an executive, you probably have an “always on” and a “be the BEST at all times” kind of mindset – I sure did! But how do you stay in a successful mindset when life gets overwhelming and you’ve lost your drive and connection to your purpose at work?

As an executive I was full of passion and drive to be successful, and fully committed to working towards excellency every day – this focus helped me in my career to reach top executive status! 

 But when was given a big new project to generate revenue for a startup company, I was also taking care of my newborn baby, and helping my teenage daughter cope with her teen’s years . So, I started to struggle to perform at my best; I didn’t have the energy in me, I was losing the connection I had with my job, and my commitment levels just weren’t there anymore. 

 It was at that moment I realized that I needed help! 


 First, because I didn’t want to lose what I had already worked so hard to build. And second, because I didn’t like not performing at the high level I had the potential for.

That’s when I decided to hire an executive coachand I’m so glad I did!

 Working with a coach showed me how I was experiencing symptoms of burnout which directly affected my priority levels, boundaries, alignment to my core values, and honestly…self-love. 

 They also helped me with self-awareness; showing me how to see my behaviors and actions that would hold me back (blind spots), and then gave me the proper tools I needed to help reconnect with myself and main motivators again – YAY!

 Now, it wasn’t always easy – working with a coach means work! But the results were 2000% worth it!

 Does this sound like you…

  • You’re committed to your own success and to the success of others. 
  • You want to achieve self-mastery and become the best version of yourself.
  • Your personal/career intentions and expectations aren’t becoming a reality. 
  • You’ve experienced a series of setbacks and are realizing you can’t do it alone.


Why my clients work with me…


  • To reduce anxiety and stress (Burnout) that they have been living with for so long
  • To identify and get clarity on what they really want and where to start.
  • To help reconnect with their values and motivators, and use as leverage to build positive momentum.
  • To identify and conquer the internal and external barriers that are preventing them to achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • To create a system that helps them become accountable to achieve their desired goals
  • To become accountable for change and provide encouragement through the process.
  • To create new lifestyle conditions that support the sustainability of their achieved goals.


There are times when saying “ YES” defines the rest of your  life. My only regret is not having said YES earlier in my life.

Working with an executive coach gives you a safe space to unpack thoughts and emotions, proper structure, a result-oriented approach, and an accountability partner, but if you are not willing to put in the effort that requires change – it won’t really work. 

 So if you’re committed to personal and professional  growth like me, I challenge you to :

  • Explore new perspectives of yourself
  • Reframe your reality
  • Create new meanings and possibilities.
  • Help create new behaviors that are consistent and in alignment with your dreams and intentions.


Manifesting your “Wish List” requires that you to get real and start taking steps that will lead you to your dreams and aspirations.

If you need help, I’m here for you! 

Just contact me HERE for a free consultation today : https://meetme.so/YOURGO-TOCOACH 

Click here to get the best resources to minimize burnout and maximize happiness at work:


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