“Virtual everything” has become the new normal and being able to effectively communicate using new platforms can be a challenge!

Before Covid every time I would do a presentation I would get to use my voice, body language, and energy to transfer a message and an emotion on stage. I had the full orchestra with me and felt confident in my overall communication skills.

Today everybody, myself included, is challenged to deliver that same full symphony experience with only a few instruments ie: virtual communication apps.

The demand for improvement in Virtual Communication is real! My executive clients have been coming to me asking for training on Virtual Executive Presence and Public Speaking Skills specifically for Virtual Communication. And, in order to better serve my clients, I even started working with a new coach to help me articulate and enunciate better for my own virtual workshops and presentations.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve learned that can help YOU become intentional about your virtual communication and help you improve right away!

Here are 10 things you can do right now to improve your Virtual Communication Skills:

1.     Breath: Practice breathing exercises that will allow you to regulate your breath effectively during your presentation.

2.     Lighting: Make sure you have enough light on your face so people can make eye contact and can read your facial expressions.

3.     Safety and Connection First: Make sure that you are dedicating time to acknowledge everyone and to create a safe and comfortable space for everyone you are connecting with.

4.     Certainty : Unfortunately we are experiencing a high amount of uncertainty. This is your opportunity to stand out. Share your agenda for the call or presentation and allow time for questions or clarification.

5.     Inclusiveness and Engagement : Make sure you are incorporating inclusiveness in your meeting and presentation so you can maintain people’s attention and engagement.

6.     Your Voice is the New Star: Now your voice is your main instrument. Make sure you are taking the necessary pauses to enunciate every word purposely and intentionally.

7.     Remember to use your mouth and facial muscles to deliver the meaning and flavor of every word.

8.     Keep the following formula in mind:  Why is this presentation/meeting important? What Emotion do you want to transfer?  What do you want your audience to learn and remember from this meeting/presentation?

9.     Practice gratitude for everyone’s attention and presence.

10.  Smile! It is so easy to be worried, concerned and frustrated these days! Make it a point to smile to shift your energy and mental state. We all need a smile these days!

Virtual Communication is here to stay. We are responsible for our own experiences in life.

Make it your mission to elevate your communication skills and executive presence so you can create the culture you want to be part of in your organizations.

We are social beings and this is a new opportunity to learn how to create effective and meaningful relationships at work.



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