Become The Master of Your Mind, Instead of Your Mind Mastering You.

If you are a part of the corporate world, you know that success can easily be defined as being busy. Your career expectations and the fast-paced competitive culture never really allow you to slow-down, unplug or stop multitasking without the fear of missing out on that next great opportunity.

Unfortunately, when you face these expectations of success you end up distracted, and burnt out. You soon start to face a lack of creativity and productivity leaving you feeling inefficient and facing depression or career related anxiety.

The short-term reward of buying into this busy culture may feed your desire to improve your self-worth and add to your list of achievements, but at what cost?

Let’s not make you the next stress-leave candidate and instead, find a way master your mind to achieve sustainable success in a way that feels authentic and aligns with your values.
Mind Mastery™ Executive Program
Learning how to master your attention will allow you to work with intention and eliminate distraction so that you get more done in less time with less stress. Mind Mastery for Executives is based on the principles of mindfulness: a science-based approach that enables you to elevate your performance, productivity and well-being.
Did you know?
We spend almost 47% of our waking hours thinking about something other than what we’re doing.
Source: Bradt, Steve. “Wandering mind not a happy mind.” The Harvard Gazette. 2010
Incorporate Mind Mastery™ for Executives into your daily life
Will allow you to trade in your:
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What exact results can you expect with Mind Mastery™ for Executives?

We offer a five-week program that can be taught in person or virtually, focusing on the following modules. Each module is about 2.5 hours and can be done in private or group sessions.

Module #1 – Train Your Brain for Effective Thinking
Start the journey to becoming a master of your thoughts and behaviors through mindfulness! Reduce chronic stress and mental noise, make more assertive decisions, and calm your mind to boost your mental capacity.
Module #2 – Create Impactful Relationships
Identify personal communication patterns that are causing tension and inefficiencies in your relationships. Learn how to balance shared goals with integrity, compassion, and kindness.
Module #3 -​ Make the Leap from Busyness to Effectiveness
Learn the brain science behind your busyness and distractedness. Gain tools to become more productive and efficient at work.
Module #4 -​ Reduce Your Reactivity and Boost Your Responsiveness
Meet the challenges of tough work situations with greater emotional intelligence. Manage your emotions more effectively while focusing on your goals and eliminating drama.
Module #5 -​ Become a Mindful and Authentic Leader
Learn how to bring out the best in your team. Build the self-awareness strategies that help you show up as the leader you want to be and develop a purpose-driven work culture.
Bonus! We Now Offer Mind Mastery for Executives Coaching Program!
Dive deeper into any and or all of the five modules with 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions. Ensure you’re getting the support and accountability you need to fully integrate the teachings in this program.
Make your learning last, a learning experience is only impactful when it’s sustainable! Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker Ivanna Casado is here to help your learning stick so you can create true transformation for yourself and your organization. Leveraging her personal journey from a burned-out Fortune 500 executive to a thriving entrepreneur, she is a go-to leader in mindfulness, neuroscience, and happiness at work.
“It was a pleasure working with Ivanna on a Corporate Coaching seminar series. She is a dynamic and insightful coach. It was a joy to work with you Ivanna. She connected instantly with the audience of over 100+ leaders and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to working with you again in the future!”
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