Day-long PowerPoint training sessions are passé; Virtual small learning units are an effective way to train adult corporate learners. And the sooner your company adopts it, the happier and more effective your team will be.

The Happiness at Work Virtual Series offer a bite-sized, brain-based (i.e. how people actually learn) small learning units with just the right amount of need-to know information that drives impact to specific business results.

Research indicates that learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning from the classroom to the desk more efficient. Many industry surveys indicate that employees would participate in more company’s trainings if the courses were shorter and more geared to implementation. Longer courses are not only more challenging to digest and retain but taking them also gets in the way of their daily work.

Here’s why The Happiness at Work Virtual Series is the best fit to help minimize burnout and maximize happiness in the workplace :

✔RETENTION: Because bite-sized courses are more focused, learners don’t have to clutter their memories with irrelevant information. This makes retention achievable.

✔COMPREHENSION: Learners have to digest only small chunks of information. This makes comprehension easier without spending too much mental energy and resources.

✔INTEGRATION: Because each module addresses only 1-4 learning objectives that yield 4-5 learned takeaways.

✔ENGAGEMENT: Learner disengagement and boredom kill the chances of success in any learning program. Happiness at Work Virtual Series offers a fun and engaging format ideal for today’s learners with short attention spans and tight schedules.

✔COST-EFFICIENT: There’s no need to pay for endless facilitator’s time, buy or rent physical classrooms and pay for the utilities, and spend money on classroom equipment. The Happiness at Work Virtual Series is a cost-efficient way to drive immediate change and facilitate support.

The human brain is not wired to maintain focus for hours. It learns better when the content is delivered in a short format with the courses well-spaced out to help cement the learning. Repetition also aids retention. This virtual program is well-suited for those looking to create immediate impact in their organizations.

The Happiness at Work Virtual Series will provide you and your team with actionable, tactical and practical tools to prevent workplace burnout and maximize your overall sense of well-being as well as the potential to render your best performance at work.

If you want to learn more about The Happiness at Work Virtual Series or if you want to schedule any of these series for your team , please feel free to email me at or go to to learn more about the topics of this program.

“Creating the right conditions in our brains to optimize performance and productivity is essential to achieve sustainable success”

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