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Ivanna’s program along with her expertise as an Executive Coach and as a Cognitive Development Expert is proven to provide the approach, tools, techniques, and mindsets for her clients to achieve the Transformational Changes that lead them to obtain greater wellbeing.

Is a brain-based approach based on the principles of neuroscience and mindfulness techniques.

Teach each individual to achieve maximum performance in the organization.


It consists of small bites of coaching that can help to follow a strategy and achieve some objectives


Online meetings to share collective intelligence, exchange ideas, challenge yourself, set goals …


Ivanna is an expert in the field of current corporate culture, mindfulness and neurological leadership.

Is a brain-based approach based on the principles of neuroscience and mindfulness techniques.

Teach each individual to achieve maximum performance in the organization.

It consists of small bites of coaching that can help to follow a strategy and achieve some objectives

Online meetings to share collective intelligence, exchange ideas, challenge yourself, set goals…

Ivanna is an expert in the field of current corporate culture, mindfulness and neurological leadership.

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Johanna Boccardo, Art Director - Miami, Fl.
Working with Ivanna has allowed me to take my creative ideas from their first stages into concrete actions. My sessions have been so enriching both in my professional field as in my personal development. Confidence is at a high level and my ambition has multiplied.
Loyda Molina Pagan - Manager @ New York Life.
Ivanna’s sales workshop was the perfect fit for our Latino agents. She was able to connect with our audience right away and she was able to deliver value based on our real needs. She provided us with tools that are already making a positive impact on our sales team. Disc workshop is a must-do for any company looking to increase sales and effective communication. Thank you Ivanna for these amazing sales workshops!
Vanessa Travieso - VP Legal and business affairs @ HBO Latin America
We hired Ivanna to facilitate 3 workshops geared towards women and leadership. Ivanna provided the groups with useful information in a manner that was easy for them to understand and incorporate in their day-to-day lives. She was thorough and engaging and captivated the attention of all of those in attendance. She is a great coach and provided us with the tools necessary to take the Women@HBO initiatives to the next level. Thank you Ivanna for your dedication to ensuring the workshops were a success!
Marcel Imery - Startup & HNWI advisor. Business Strategist & Business Development
Un buen “result coach” debe saber escuchar y le debe apasionar la idea de ayudar a sus clientes a identificar y a animarse a alcanzar goles que produzcan resultados positivos y duraderos en sus vidas. También debe ser inteligente, saberse expresar y a la vez debe ser empático para ayudar a sus clientes a identificar sus debilidades y supervisar que, poco a poco y sin atropellar, alcancen los objetivos de vida que sueñan. Por último, un buen coach debe transmitir mientras trabaja que es un experto en su oficio y que además que es curioso y que le gusta estudiar permanentemente para estar al día respecto a las mejores prácticas y técnicas para agregar el mayor valor posible a sus sesiones de coaching. Luego de recibir coaching de Ivanna por más 8 meses, me complace escribirle esta nota de recomendación pués reúne todas las habilidades que necesita una coach para ser excelente y efectiva en su trabajo. Ivanna ha sido instrumental ayudándome a construir mi roadmap de acción para lograr resultados importantes en este momento de mi vida, llena de retos y cambios. Comenzó ayudándome a identificar mis goles, luego me ayudó a ordenarlos observado un criterio de prioridades, y finalmente ha construido conmigo estrategias y me ha dado herramientas potentes, para poco a poco, pero con persistencia, ir alcanzando mis metas del 2019, en los planos profesional, salud, mental/psicológico y relación de pareja. Recomiendo ampliamente a Ivanna. Una crack como results and corporate coach!
Kate Willbarger - VP of Finance @ Chesire Medical Center
Ivanna is my amazing coach! With Ivanna I stay focused and accountable. She helped me make so many life changes including advancing my career to Senior VP and being accepted at Darmouth College for graduate studies. I have lost 16 pounds while working with Ivanna. My diet has completely changed and I love it! Most importantly with Ivanna’s help I let go of the past and realized the passion and energy I had with incredible husband. Using the tools and techniques Ivanna has taught me I live in a beautiful state and the positive life changes keep snowballing into new opportunities and rewards. Ivanna helped me realize my true identity as a fun, playful, intelligent wife, mother and financial strategist. Life will never be the same and I am so grateful!
Karin Lindner - Author, Speaker and Owner @ Karico Internacional inc.
In 2018 I have made the decision to hire Ivanna Casado as my Peak Performance Coach, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am an Executive and Leadership Coach myself, and it very important that I work with a coach. It helps me to stay at the top of my game. How can I help others to become better, if I don't strive to become better on an ongoing basis? Ivanna is not only very personable but she is also tough at the same time. She has helped me to stay committed to becoming the best person I can be, and she continuously holds me accountable to move towards my goals. What I like most about her is that she has provided me with so many tools and techniques to become more focused, more centred, develop a more constructive thought process and to gain better control over my emotions. Ivanna makes sure that every coaching session starts with self-acknowledgment to make me aware of my effort and my progress. I am an overachiever and I would definitely not do that without her. Ivanna truly wants to make a difference in her clients' personal and professional lives. She has helped me to become more mindful by making me aware that "innercising" provides as much value as exercising. Since then I have started to be more committed to my regular meditation practice. If you want to move further faster in your personal and/or professional life, please consider to work with Ivanna as your coach. Thanks Ivanna for the all you have done to help me to become the best person and business owner I can possibly be.
Gustavo Delfino, Director @Merk & Co.
It has been a breakthrough experience for me. Ivanna has been great in helping me define my professional goals and how to plan from where I am to where I want to be. She has helped me to understand the new neuro associations I have to work within my mind in order to put all the focus and energy towards my professional goals. I am really thankful I made the decision to start working with Ivanna a year ago. I have really seen and felt the impact of this coaching program in a very positive way!
Dr.Rosa Miranda - CEO@Childrens of Joy Pediatrics
I have had multiple coaches in my life, I can say that Ivanna is one of the best that I have ever had. She is very insightful, professional, personable, committed and focused. She has amazing interpersonal skills. She makes you feel comfortable, open and vulnerable. She constantly shows that she cares for me.She goes way beyond to help and support me. She is also a good listener and communicates very well. She has inspired me to be a better person and to move to the next level on my personal transformation and evolution. Ivanna is a unique and powerful coach.
M. Rivas - Manager @The Clorox Company.
Ivanna’s coaching has been an experience of constant breakthroughs along with her ability to connect and guide you to achieving your own self- understanding. She also provides tools to put in practice for real life situations. I highly recommend , she is the best thing I have invested in. She makes me feel empowered and in control of my mindset which will only grow to its full potential. She coaches so well that my shift in behavior has been acknowledged by colleagues and family members.
Adrian Constatinescu,Manager - Ontario, Canada.
Hi there, working with Ivanna was a great experience for me. Her expertise and coaching skills helped me got the confidence I needed for achieving my goals. If you are not afraid to sweat, if you are not afraid of being pushed out of your comfort zone and if you are really looking for results, I would recommend hiring Ivanna. You won’t be disappointed.
O. Fernandez, Manager at Univision - Miami, Fl
Ivanna was extremely helpful in finding clarity and direction as I transitioned to move forward with my career and education. Her insights all bolstered my own life experiences to set a path forward. Her holistic approach to career coaching has helped me to overcome a paralysis in decision making that was holding me back to continue my education and also at work. She's a great listener and she really understands how to support one in a subtle, guiding, but never in an intrusive way.
D.Bermudez , VP at HBO Latin America
I couldn't be more satisfied and happy with my experience having Ivana participate as a panelist to speak on women and leadership. She was engaging, inspiring and provided great insight. We will definitely be asking her back.
C. Gomez, VP Digital -Miami, Fl.
El coaching que he estado recibiendo por parte de Ivanna ha sido muy importante para mí tanto en lo personal como en lo profesional. Ivanna me ha enseñado la importancia de establecer límites, prioridades, manejo en gestión de relaciones, e inclusive de ser más consciente tanto en mi dialogo interno como en resaltar aquellos valores que me identifican en las diferentes áreas de mi vida. Ivanna es una excelente profesional y es la persona indicada a contactar cuando necesitas dirección y motivación para alcanzar tus objetivos de la forma indicada. Iva, gracias por toda tu ayuda y constante apoyo.
D. Herrera , Director - Quito, Ecuador.
Excelente experiencia con Ivanna! Fue parte importante durante mi ascenso dentro de mi empresa ya que coincidio mientras estaba en el coaching por ende la toma de mas responsabilidades en el trabajo las pude manejar de mejor manera. Ivanna es una persona 100% comprometida con sus clientes y ademas una excelente profesional debido a que siempre las sesiones estuvieron preparadas y con un manejo correcto en cada una de ellas. Recomiendo a ojos cerrados