Ivanna Casado is a Miami-based Executive/Corporate Coach, Organizational Effectiveness Facilitator and Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Writer and Mindfulness at Work Trainer with a passion for helping high-performance executives and organizations achieve success in environments of uncertainty, change and disruption.

Her mission is simple: 
Minimize stress and burnout, maximize happiness 
and productivity, and create sustained success in the workplace.

Growing up in Venezuela, Ivanna’s interests gravitated toward neuroscience, human behavior, and human potential – subjects that fascinate her to this day. Her passion and commitment to success led her to a career in media / sales, where she would quickly climb the ladder at Fortune 500 companies like Sony Pictures, FOX, and Comcast NBCUniversal.

It was in the midst of her “success” when she experienced burnout for the first time. She hired an executive coach to deal with the exhaustion, which opened her mind to exploring self-discovery,self-love, and self-mastery. Reconnecting with her authentic values sparked a passion for service and contribution, eventually kindling into her calling today.

Ivanna has been privileged to learn from some of the brightest minds in coaching, mindfulness, and thought leadership such as David Rock, Sarah McLean, and Daniel Goldman. She spent part of her coaching journey working with the Tony Robbins Coaching and Business Team, serving top executives and entrepreneurs across the world’s largest industries. She has also had the honor of empowering TED speakers with skills to boost their presentations and public speaking.

Now, Ivanna dedicates her life to creating uniquely curated and proprietary executive coaching and training programs – Mind Mastery ™ Executive Program, Happiness at Work Program ™, and Mindful Mondays – on the topics of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and neuro-leadership.

She has implemented these with large-scale organizations including HBO, New York Life, and HSBC, as well as with individual clients and large groups. Ivanna’s expertise extends beyond her programs as a keynote speaker,seminar presenter, and lunch-and-learn workshop leader. She also creates content and contributes articles to Insight Timer, among many other publications.

Ivanna’s Credential 

“To help high performing professionals develop new conditions and tools to become more emotionally and mentally agile so they can achieve sustainable success in their professional careers.”