Ivanna is passionate and determined to help elevate senior leaders reach their human potential. That is why she developed this unique and customized 1:1 Executive Coaching Program.

Ivanna’s 1:1 Executive Coaching Program, is a brain-based approach based on the principles of neuroscience and mindfulness techniques.

The program is uniquely designed for each individual. By creating the right conditions and delivering the scientific insights her clients need, Ivanna’s 1:1 Executive Coaching Program is designed to empower you to create the right mindset and systems to achieve sustainable success.

Senior Executives, Business Leaders

Ivanna’s 1:1 Executive Coaching Program follows a pre-defined six-step process that guarantees a new empowering mindset and sustainable results.

Under stress, the cortisol levels increase, and the brain’s resources are oriented toward survival. The condition of mindfulness through detoxification assists the executive functions that are compromised. Individuals (You) cannot access your executive functions of the brain because you are in Queue for flight or fight stage.

Priming the brain, through mindfulness and detoxification will put you in a place for powerful thinking. This helps to regulate yourself, reducing toxic stress in your brain so you can enable headspace to access a greater potential within the brain; increase brain capacity and brain power.

This step uses scientific tools from the behavioral test of DISC and Driving Forces.  This provides the data-driven results which show you how your brain is wired. This is where you get to know yourself to redirect yourself to a better place. Every mind is different, and this step is your chance to understand how your brain operates so you can prime the undeveloped areas to achieve sustainable success.

DISC theory is a method of identifying predictable actions and personality traits within human behavior.  Once these traits are understood, the driving forces are used to retrain the brain, and these tools become incredibly useful in the rewiring of the brain for optimal mindset and goal achievement.

What kind of brain do you have?  This step allows you to find out! This step includes scientific-based approaches to create the self-awareness you need to understand the science behind how your brain and your actions are connected and how you have the power to control them.

Step number three is based on the driving forces, or motivators, of each individual – the key drivers of each person. You will use principles of driving forces to inject those motivators into your goal setting process. You will draw on the wiring of your brain to set the goals for yourself. This stage sets the stage for creating effective and results-oriented goals with the only cutting-edge process that starts with the brain in mind.

This step provides a solution to “I lack a sense of purpose or mission.” This is why individuals seek out a results coach. This assessment helps you from a scientific perspective.This is data driven and can give you a view of what your motivations and your values are through personality assessments. Then you can use the right motivators to achieve your results.

This step was designed to help you access the power of your brain using techniques to create an understanding of how your mind creates meaning. You will create a powerful mindset that will allow you to become the optimal person you were meant to be for the role and every situation. You will learn how to find meaning in everything you do so you achieve the goals you desire.

You will walk away from this step with mindset development tools and a recipe for a successful mindset which will be your particular model or formula. The principles learned here will apply for the rest of your life, and will allow you to master any situation.

In this step, you are creating customized conditions to generate sustainable change. This step is where you will be holding or assuring accountability with your new mindset. You need to plan to stay on track creating the who and whatWho is going to help you stay accountable?  What is going to help you stay accountable? You have a coach now, what are you going to do going forward?  How can you make this change sustainable?

You will learn what prevented you from sustaining your goals in the past and what got in your way. You will learn how your brain operates when creating change with sustainability after you identify your faults and find a method to stay on track. What are the default settings that get in the way of preventing you from meeting your goals?

Identifying the system that works best for you is a discovery process. The result is creating the best system for accountability and success by implementing sustainable change.

Building momentum!  The way the brain builds momentum is by making changes through habits and is only sustainable with positive reinforcement. This is where you will create the right association for integrating a habit into your life. When positive reinforcement is generated, the brain understands that by doing this action it is gaining a positive association. The mind thinks about the reward system. This is all about brain management! Now you know how your mind operates.  You know what kind of brain you have.  You know how you can manage your mind for the best results.  You know how you can leverage your mind so that you can access your full potential.

Everyone has something that makes them unique & special. Make it your mission to find the courage to claim your uniqueness.