Ivanna’s 1:1 Executive Coaching Program is the ultimate guide to unlocking your true potential and awakening the greatness within you.

If you are here, it is because you are like many of my existing clients who have a true desire, drive, and commitment to achieve success. You have also encountered internal and external challenges that are getting in the way of your executive presence, wellbeing, and performance at work. 

Now you’re in need of new tools that help you regain your focus, connect with your purpose and increase your personal effectiveness.

I was once in a very similar situation.
That’s why I help people like you unlearn what doesn’t serve you and embrace new opportunities to maximize your potential at work.

Ivanna’s 1:1 Executive Coaching Program, is a science-backed approach based on the principles of neuroscience and mindfulness techniques that can help you activate your self-awareness, create empowering and resourceful mindsets and establish new habits to optimize your resilience and performance at work

This Coaching Program is designed to empower you with effective techniques for personal development and resilience-building. This program will equip you with the skills necessary to face and overcome potential challenges effectively.

Senior Executives, Business Leaders

Get ready to unlock your full potential and tackle any obstacles that come your way with Ivanna’s Coaching!

Ivanna’s 1:1 Executive Coaching Program follows a pre-defined six-step process that guarantees a new empowering mindset and sustainable results.

Under stress, cortisol levels increase, and the brain’s resources are oriented toward survival. This severely limits your ability to access your full mental capabilities.

By employing mindfulness and attention management practices, we can create the perfect conditions for powerful and effective thinking.

Priming the mind simply means creating the right mental habits to develop the resilience necessary to deal with your daily stressors and access your full mental resources and power.

Using scientific tools from the behavioral test of DISC* and Driving Forces, we analyze data to find the behavioral traits that make you unique. We also look at traits with the most growth potential and consider which behaviors are contributing to performance decline and even burnout.

This is where you get to be real to redirect yourself to a better and more resourceful place. You’ll learn to observe, with kindness and compassion, the parts of yourself that need optimization to reach your desired goals.

*DISC theory is a method of identifying predictable actions and personality traits within human behavior. Once these traits are identified and understood, you’re just a few steps from embracing new behaviors that align with your potential and goals.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your deepest wants and needs and design new goals that reflect things you’ve always wanted to create and manifest in your life.

No vision, no mission

This is your opportunity to envision your highest self, embrace your greatness, and craft an action plan to transform the once impossible into the possible. Let’s work together to unlock your true potential and pave the way for a future filled with success and fulfillment.

Connect with your true-self and potential. Sometimes we cling to limiting beliefs, labels and self-judgment that prevent us from operating from our best and highest self. goals.

Discover your true potential and unlock new and empowering mindsets to attract and manifest your professional goals. 

During this step, you will learn powerful brain-based tools designed to help you sculpt highly effective mindsets., enabling you to become the most optimized version of yourself and handle challenging situations with ease.

The principles you learn here will apply for the rest of your life, and will allow you to master any challenging situation.

Join our coaching program to align with your true capabilities and embrace the possibilities that await you.

In this crucial step, you will break free from the obstacles that hinder your progress towards your goals. Through a carefully crafted action plan, you will unleash the power to generate desired results and anticipate potential obstacles. By proactively identifying and addressing these challenges, you will ensure a clear path to success.

You work so hard, but I’d bet you hardly ever take time to acknowledge your achievements. You’re too busy prepping for your next challenge. (Which is often how we get to a place of burnout, exhaustion, and lack of motivation and purpose.)
Learn how to apply the practice of self-acknowledgement to build accountability and create sustainable success.

Humans are a reward-motivated species. Our brains need to feel a sense of reward after periods of extensive efforts. By establishing self-acknowledgement practices, you can connect with feelings of gratitude, abundance, perseverance, and come away with a positive outlook for the future.

Take control of your journey and maximize your potential for success by enrolling in this coaching program!

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